San Diego Air & Space Museum: New Exhibit:...

San Diego Air & Space Museum: New Exhibit: Gangsters, Glamour, and Glory: Forging America's Future in the 1930s

San Diego, 1.23.2008

Opening February 2, 2008, Gangsters, Glamour, and Glory is a period exhibit featuring historical items from all over the United States, highlighting the exciting 1930s. The exhibit highlights a unique period in our country's history; gangsters on and off the silver screen, the glamour of design and fashion, and the glory of the record setters.

Featured items are the newly constructed Gee Bee racer airplane. The Gee Bee is one of only two on display worldwide and highlights the daring and glory of our speed racing record setters. Most famous as the aircraft once flown by Jimmy Doolittle, he flew the Gee Bee to victory in the Thompson Cup at Cleveland in 1932; setting a world speed record at 296 miles per hour.

Also on display is the Bonnie & Clyde Ford, the actual car they drove into the ambush and to their death in the early 30s. The Museum is including personal belongings from Amelia Earhart, who was lost at sea on her flight around the world in 1937. Additionally, sports memorabilia, radio broadcasts, Hollywood artifacts and other items reflecting the time will be included.

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