Convair/General Dynamics' Company Papers...

Convair/General Dynamics' Company Papers and Photograph Collection

Convair/General Dynamics' Company Papers and Photograph Collection

 The San Diego Aerospace Museum’s Library and Archives is the home of the Convair/General Dynamics’ company papers and photograph archives, as well as company papers and reports donated to the museum in 1995 by General Dynamics Lockheed-Martin. This unique collection documents the heritage of Consolidated, Consolidated Vultee, Convair, and General Dynamics in San Diego from 1935. The materials include engineering reports, proposals, reports, correspondences, press releases, and many other documents pertaining to the inner workings of these companies.

Reuben Fleet brought Consolidated Aircraft to San Diego in 1935 from Buffalo N.Y. and Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, better known as Convair, was formed March 1943 with the merger of Consolidated Aircraft and Vultee Aircraft corporations. General Dynamics purchased a majority interest in Convair in 1954, where it continued to produce aircraft missiles and components until it divested its San Diego activities in the 1994-1995 time period. The Space Systems Division was sold to Martin, the Tomahawk to Hughes Aircraft, and the DC-10 Fuselage program to McDonnell Douglas.

Consolidated and Convair are responsible for building some of the most significant aircraft and missiles in the history of aerospace, including the PBY Catalina, B-24 Liberator, Convair 880 airliner, F-102, the first delta-winged interceptor, the Tomahawk cruise missile, as well as the nation’s most reliable launch vehicle, the Atlas, and the Atlas Centaur.

Thanks to the WD-40 Company for its generous donation to help preserve the Library & Archives collection of more than 250,000 Atlas missile images.

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