VP-13 Tactical Training Squadron Collection

VP-13 Tactical Training Squadron Collection

VP-13 Tactical Training Squadron Collection

The VP-13 was a Tactical Training Squadron featuring aircraft such as the Consolidated PB2Y (various models). Of particular importance in this collection is the XPB2Y-1 Coronado known as “Blue Goose.” Originally designed as a patrol bomber, PB2Ys were eventually used as transport and hospital craft due to their large capacity and comparatively spacious fuselage.

The XPB2Y-1 made its first flight on December 17, 1937. Responding to direction instability issues, the tail was redesigned several times before flying out to NAS Anacostia on October 27, 1938. The XPB2Y-1 prototype was eventually nicknamed the Blue Goose and is of particular relevance to this collection. It flew for two years in the Pacific, mainly between Hawaii and the US, carrying various notable passengers, including Admiral Chester Nimitz. In August 1945, the Blue Goose was flown to NAS North Island, San Diego, and scrapped.

First flown on November 22, 1940, deliveries of PB2Y-2s began on December 31 to VP-13 for experimental purposes. The last PB2Y-2 was delivered as the XPB2Y-3 in December 1941.

VP-13 was established as Patrol Squadron THIRTEEN (VP-13) on July 1, 1940, then redesignated Patrol Bombing Squadron THIRTEEN (VPB-13) on October 1, 1944. It was disestablished on December 1, 1945.


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