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The Archives has many collections of documents devoted to particular subjects, organizations or persons.  We are currently working on cataloging, creating finding guides and digitizaing our special collections.  Here is a list of most of our special collections, which includes basic information on them.  Also, details on many of our special collections are listed below.

We also have a variety of archival documents, which soon will be searchable on the Library Catalog.  In the meantime, partial indexes are avaiable here:

The Library and Archives has digitized several of our rare books, including important publications from Consolidated/Convair Aircraft and Ryan Aeronautical. These books are searchable and can be found at:

Raymond Fife Special Collection

Ray Fife (b. 1900) began his career as an aircraft mechanic as a child. The World Wars had him in factories and then North Island. He contributed to the construction of a Curriss A-1 replica and a Curtiss...

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Colonel Harold E. Fischer Personal Papers

Colonel Harold E. Fischer, Jr. was a fighter pilot in the Korean War. He was credited with shooting down 10 Soviet-made Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-1MiG-15 fighters, enough to qualify him as a double ace during...

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Harold A. Fisher Personal Papers

Harold Albert Fisher (1919-2009) served as an administrative officer for Air Group Eight during WWII. He later served as the Bureau of Aeronautics Representative to the Grumman Aircraft corporation, where...

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General Dynamics Environmental Impact Report

After General Dynamics terminated its aerospace manufacturing operation in San Diego in 1995, this report was created to deal with the facilities, which were on land leased from the San Diego Unified Port...

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Elwyn H. Gibbon Collection

Elwyn Gibbon served in the Chinese 14th Volunteer Squadron from 1937-38. He was a test pilot for TWA, Lockheed, and was working for Vultee and the Chinese Air Force when he was killed in a crash.

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