75th Anniversary of Museum's Building

Ford Building

The Museum is pleased to announce the publication of Wheels to Wings: San Diego's Ford Building. This limited edition book, released in conjunction with the 75th anniversary celebration of the historic Ford Building, narrates the history of the last of five Ford Exposition structures built in the 1930s. Beginning with Henry Ford's interest in industrial exhibitions and ending with the building's contemporary status as home to the San Diego Air & Space Museum, the book features numerous detailed photos illustrating the history from its opening to the present. Wheels to Wings presents the fascinating history in a simple, well articulated manner that all can enjoy.

The San Diego Ford Building was built for the California Pacific International Exposition held in Balboa Park from 1935-1936. As a symbol of modernism, Henry Ford and his design team wanted the exhibit hall to stand out and be a testimony to technology and progress. On May 29, 1935, the dazzling white "Streamlined Moderne" Ford building greeted fair-goers with its unique, circular design. After the Fair closed in 1936, the building was used in a variety of roles such as a classroom, bomb shelter and storage facility. Once a highlight of Balboa Park, the Ford Building became a "White Elephant" slated for destruction. Saved from destruction by concerned citizens, the building today houses the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

For more information on the fascinating history of the Ford Building be sure to order Wheels to Wings and view the Museum's complimentary exhibitions both online and in the Museum!

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