Kid's Aviation Action Hangar Now Open

Kid's Aviation Action Hangar

The Museum opened a special play area for kids, the Kid's Aviation Action Hangar!

This special "kids only" area has an abundance of attractions for kids of all ages. Preschoolers can enjoy magnetic toys and aviation coloring books, a dry erase board where they are able to sketch out their favorite airplane and pedal planes to whisk them around our kid-size airport. Grade school age aviators will thrill at the "U-Fly-It" machine, a flight simulator experience in a real wind tunnel atmosphere and also enjoy a romp in our simulated moon's surface in a space suit. Two flight simulators put future pilots' skills to the test and all can enjoy creating and flying their own miniature parachutes. A large F-104 Starfighter cockpit mock-up, perfect for photo opportunities, will provide the ultimate take-home memory for all Museum visitors.

The Kid's Aviation Action Hangar is included with regular admission to the Museum.

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