SDASM Digitizes World-Class Photo Collection

Bell XP-77

The staff of the Museum's Library and Archives, with assistance from the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, have stepped up their comprehensive program of digitization in order to preserve and make more accessible the moving and still image collection. This process has been made possible, in large part, by a generous grant from the Benbough Foundation. If you are not aware, the SDASM Library and Archives houses on of the largest and most unique collections of Air and Space moving and still image collections in the World. The collection includes images of approximately 95% of aircraft that were ever conceived! Other highlights include the complete history of PSA Airlines, a large AVG photo collection, rare Lindbergh Photos, original Spirit of St. Louis flight film and a video history of Convair. In total, the collection contains over one million photos, negatives, slides and transparencies, in addition to thousands of films and videos. To increase visibility of the photograph collection, the Museum is listing its digital images on Flickr Commons at

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