The Da Vinci Experience - Final Weeks!

The Da Vinci Experience at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

The Da Vinci Experience

Don’t miss your chance to see The Da Vinci Experience, now showing until January 3, 2010. The exhibition allows visitors to interact with replicas and models of the mechanical devices designed and described by Leonardo da Vinci over 500 years ago.

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Sought after and appreciated as an artist at court, da Vinci was also concerned with scientific subjects, applying his knowledge of mechanics to military and civil engineering works and dedicating himself to the study of anatomy, biology, mathematics and physics. A group of Florentine artisans have spent the last half century studying the original notes and drawings of da Vinci's various projects, and have created this international exhibition of fully-functional and interactive models of da Vinci's creations.

The machines in the exhibition are organized around three themes: transportation, military and mechanical. There is a large, interactive educational area where everyone can test some of Leonardo's ideas. Each of the models in the exhibition were built according to da Vinci's notes and with the materials available in 15th century Italy. Eleven machines are full-sized and 25 are interactive. People of all ages will be delighted by the chance to manipulate these machines to see how they were intended to function. Each replica is displayed with a copy of the relevant da Vinci drawing.

The Museum recently added enormous, full-size Leonardo da Vinci recreations from the popular Discovery Channel Show, Doing DaVinci to the exhibition. Click here to find out more about this show and these machines!

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