See Da Vinci and Save at The Prado

The Da Vinci Experience at the San Diego Air & Space Museum

Visit The Da Vinci Experience And Get $10 Off Lunch At The Prado Restaurant

Spend the day in beautiful Balboa Park! From September 1st through November 1st, visitors who purchase tickets to see The Da Vinci Experience will receive $10 off lunch at the Prado Restaurant.

The Da Vinci Experience is currently on display at SDASM for a limited engagement. Please visit the Museum today before you miss the experience to get an intimate look into the mind of Leonardo da Vinci. Everything on display is meticulously modeled directly from sketches produced hundreds of years ago by da Vinci himself. Many of these models are interactive and give visitors the chance to see his original vision and the materials that he had available. See the exhibit website for more information:

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