Curatorial Updates

SDASM Curatorial Updates:

Bell x1

The Bell X-1 build project in the Museum's basement is nearing completion! Within the next three weeks or so, the Museum will be sending the aircraft to Gillespie Field for paint. It is hoped that the Museum will have the rocket plane back downtown and ready for hanging in the Rotunda by the end of April.


Work has begun on the Boeing FB-5 bi-plane fighter restoration out at the Museum's Gillespie Field annex. The team is busy attaching fittings to the wing spars, completing rib construction, and prepping parts for wing assembly. The engine is nearing completion in the shop downtown and it will be shipped to Gillespie Field for ultimate installation in the airframe. There is an enormous amount of work to do before this project will be completed, but all involved are excited to have gotten started.




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