Curatorial Updates

Charles Lindbergh’s goggles used on his famous non-stop Atlantic flight.

Curatorial Updates:

The Museum has added a few new and exciting artifacts to our successful new exhibit “How Things Fly.” We've added a display case featuring some of the Museum’s most treasured artifacts, including Lindbergh’s goggles used on his famous non-stop Atlantic flight, the Red Baron’s combat medals (including the Blue Max), Major General Jimmy Doolittle’s awards, and more. We are also adding a stunning new video wall at the entrance to the traveling exhibit area that will highlight exhibit contents or other Museum related activities as the occasion requires.


Restoration Projects

Work continues on both of our reproduction projects. The Bell X-1 fuselage center section and tail section have been mated, while the wings and tail feathers are under fabrication. We have just begun the forward fuselage that will join the rest at completion. The airplane, when finished, will be painted up as “Glamorous Glennis,” Chuck Yeager’s US Air Force rocket plane that broke the sound barrier for the first time. We estimate that the X-1 will be on display in the Museum’s rotunda by mid-2013.

Our second build project, the Hughes H-1 racer, is taking shape as well. The long process of laying up the wing spar laminations is nearly complete and the restoration volunteers have begun work on the ribs that will support the landing gear. A fuselage section mock-up has been built that we will use to finalize metal skinning and finishing techniques prior to commencing actual construction. Because the Hughes project is much more complex than that of the Bell, we do not expect to see it completed for another three to four years. 


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