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San Diego International Airport, Lindbergh Field

Now formally known as San Diego International Airport, Lindbergh Field was named in honor of Charles Lindbergh and has been a center of aeronautic activity since its dedication in 1928. Many famous personalities and events have been associated with the airstrip, which quickly grew to include a Coast Guard Air Station, three airlines, two flying schools, and Ryan Aeronautical. In 1935, Consolidated Aircraft relocated to Lindbergh Field, transforming it into an aviation manufacturing center. Situated just three miles north of downtown San Diego, Lindbergh Field serves more than 50,000 travelers a day, making San Diego International Airport the busiest single-runway commercial airport today in the United States.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum preserved this history, featuring unique photographs from its archives—one of the largest aviation photographic collections in the world. Authored by museum staff members Katrina Pescador, Alan Renga, and Pamela Gay, this publication features many photographs from that collection, some which have never before been published, including rare images taken during construction.

Retailing for $21.99, this book is due for release April 30, 2012. To reserve your signed copy, please contact the Library & Archives at 619-234-8291 x125 or go online to


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