Curatorial Updates

Update on Restoration Projects:

Restoration crews in the basement are being kept extremely busy as our two ongoing projects begin to take shape. With wood and clamps seemingly everywhere, the wing spars both front and rear are taking on their final contours and fabrication of the ribs has begun for the Hughes Racer. CAD drawings and cutting templates for various metal parts are now being produced and the finishing processes are now being perfected. This ambitious project is far from complete however, as we expect the entire construction program to take most of four years. 

The Bell X-1 on the other hand, being of much simpler structural design, is in the skinning stage of the center and rear fuselage sections. In addition the wings and tail sections are being fabricated and plans are being developed to join them soon. It is anticipated that this project should be completed within a year and a half, at which time the aircraft will be hung in the Museum's Rotunda. 

The Gillespie Field crew has taken on a new challenge within the past few weeks and will soon be deeply involved with restoring an original 1926  Boeing FB-5 fighter, the first Boeing fighter and one of only three known to exist in the world today. Though their numbers are few, their enthusiasm is great as they launch this latest effort. If you know of anyone that might want to volunteer to help, please have them contact Terry Brennan at the Museum at 619-234-8291 x141.

Other Updates:

Over the past two months the Museum has continued to upgrade our exciting new exhibit, “How Things Fly.”  More fun for the youngsters, more history and science for all, you won’t want to miss the chance to see this exhibit in person. We have also added a brand new attraction, a Doron “Transport 6” simulator. Like its stable-mate, the MaxFlight machine, the Doron offers a very exciting six-passenger adventure in a barnstorming flight that has already proven to be very popular. Come and try it for yourself!

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