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The Library & Archives now offers a way for the public to search the contents of its extensive collection of audio visual materials, including thousands of films, videos, audio recordings, and oral histories. Records of these materials are searchable in the Museum’s online catalog, AeroCat, which is available on the Museum’s website. In addition, many of the films and videos have now been digitized and can be viewed on YouTube by clicking on a link in the AeroCat record. All of the materials on the site are available for purchase for commercial or personal use.


The San Diego Air & Space Museum’s (SDASM) Library & Archives is the third largest of its kind in the nation and holds many unique, rare, and one-of-a-kind items. For the past several years, the Library & Archives has been working on numerous projects to make its vast collection of materials more accessible to the public. In addition to converting its card catalog to an online system in 2008, the Library & Archives has been gradually uploading records of its various audio visual materials.


So far, more than 500 oral history records are now online. This ongoing effort is a collaborative project with five other local institutions, including the Distinguished Flying Cross Society, the U.S.S. Midway Museum, the Veterans Museum and Memorial Center, and the Naval Helicopter Historical Society. These valuable recollections help raise awareness of the aviation history in the San Diego area as well as the contributions of the individuals who reside here.


The Library & Archives has also uploaded more than 5,000 records of its other audio visual collections. As part of our participation in the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, nearly 500 of the films and videos have been digitized and are now available to the public through a direct link to YouTube from the AeroCat record. Digitization of these valuable archival materials not only make them available to the public but also prevent the loss of the content through physical deterioration.


For more information on the Library & Archives projects, please click here.


Airplane Fun!

On our Flickr stream we added two new sets which anyone interested in aviation will find very interesting!  We have posted images of aircraft which need to be identified:  If you think you know “what plane is that?”...add your comments!  

We have also added a set of people/places which need identification: Many of these are obscure, but any information helps!  We are already getting many helpful and entertaining comments from the public, so feel free to play along!

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