Curatorial Updates

Corsair Unveiling and Dedication to Jerry Coleman

Veteran combat pilot from two wars, famed sportscaster, and former major league second baseman LT COL Jerry Coleman created a lot of excitement at the Museum last month when we squeezed our latest restoration project onto the gallery floor. The F4U Corsair, painted up beautifully in the colors of Coleman’s Korean War aircraft, WS8, provided the backdrop for a dedication ceremony attended by hundreds of fans and friends of the venerable Padres announcer.  A short ten days later, Coleman was inducted into the International Air & Space Hall of Fame, in recognition of his storied career and contributions to the defense of our great country.


New Restoration & Contruction Projects

The sound of machinery in operation dominates the restoration areas these days as work progresses on the T-34B at Gillespie Field and on our two ground up build projects, the Bell X-1 and the Hughes racer, in the basement at Balboa Park. When it became apparent that we were not going to find viable plans for either of the projects, a very generous docent stepped up and purchased the CAD program that will allow us to reverse engineer each aircraft and build our own plans for construction purposes. We will report on the progress of these builds as time goes on over the expected four year time frame for completion.


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