SDASM Announces 2009 IAHF Inductees

Women Airforce Service Pilots, one of this year's inductees

Annually, the SDASM inducts selected individuals and groups into the International Aerospace Hall of Fame (IAHF). After careful consideration we have chosen six individuals and groups that have made inspiring contributions to the aviation and space industry. The 2009 inductees for the IHAF are:

Sally Ride - America's first woman in space

Cliff Robertson - a pilot, Academy Award and Emmy-Award-winning screen star as well as founder of the Cliff Robertson Work Experience, within the EAA

Blue Angels - United States Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron

Clay Lacy - founder of Clay Lacy Aviation, one of the largest corporate jet providers in the country

Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) - a group of women pilots whose primary responsibility was to ferry military aircraft as well as fly target tugs and performed various other aviation tasks for the US military during WWII

Sean Tucker - renowned aerobatic pilot

Frank Robinson - founder of Robinson Helicopter Company and helicopter designer

Lockheed Brothers & Skunk Works - Brothers Allan and Malcolm created a series of aviation companies that eventually led to the present day Lockheed Martin Aircraft Company. Skunk Works was a "black projects" division of that company

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