Curatorial Updates

Curtiss A-1 "Triad" reproduction

The Museum's scratch-built 1932 Boeing P-26 "Peashooter" has been taken from the basement to Gillespie Field where it will be painted. If everything goes as planned it will be on display in the Museum by the end of March. This will be a wonderful accomplishment and a tribute to the many skilled volunteers that have lent a hand over these many years.

Our very own Curtiss A-1 "Triad" reproduction was taken down from the Museum's Rotunda ceiling in early December and sent to Gillespie Field for inspection and renovation before taking part in the Centennial of Naval Aviation (CoNA) celebration on 12 February, 2011. The aircraft was trucked to North Island where it was reassembled and put through a series of fast taxi operations on San Diego Bay, to the delight of hundreds of onlookers including a dozen or so descendants of Naval Aviator number one, Lt. T.G. Ellyson. You can see a recap of the fast taxi by clicking here. The Triad will be brought back to the Museum to become the center piece of our own CoNA exhibit, scheduled to open in late March.

We have decided to embark on two more rather ambitious projects in the very near future. The first is to build from scratch a reproduction of the famous Hughes H-1 Racer, first flown in 1935. Construction of this extraordinarily beautiful aircraft will likely consume a good portion of our restoration volunteer team‘s efforts for the next five or so years. The second project involves building a reproduction of the first supersonic aircraft, the Bell X-1. This is the aircraft flown by world famous test pilot Chuck Yeager that broke the sound barrier at Muroc Lake AFB (Now Edwards AFB) here in California in 1947.

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