New Online Exhibits

Bessie Coleman, pioneering aviatrix

New Exhibit Honors Black History Month

The San Diego Air & Space Museum honored February as Black History Month with a new online exhibit “Celebrating African Americans in Aviation.” This online exhibit is dedicated to the story of those who overcame the restrictive social circumstances of the time to broaden African American participation in aeronautics. The virtual exhibit looks at African Americans who challenged the status quo from the pioneering days of aviation, through World War II, right up to the present day. The exhibit includes newly discovered information that the first African American aviator was trained right here in San Diego! Emory Conrad Malick studied at the Curtiss Aviation School at North Island and received his license in March 1912, fourteen years earlier than James Herman Banning who was originally believed to be the first.


CoNA Exhibition

The Library & Archives has prepared an online exhibit for the Museum’s website to celebrate the first 100 years of naval aviation. The exhibit features photographs from the Museum’s extensive Archives collection, including the significant events, technological advances in aircraft and aircraft carriers, and historic naval personnel that have shaped today’s naval forces. Part one of the exhibit, which focuses on the early years of naval aviation at North Island through the start of World War II, is now available. The second part of the exhibit, from World War II to the present, will be online in May 2011.

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