SPACE Now Open

The latest traveling exhibit to be featured in the Museum, “Space: A Journey to Our Future,” premiered on February 1, 2011 and has enjoyed large crowds and new fans since day one.  This wonderfully interactive, entertaining, and educational exhibit explores the history of the space program and what the future might hold as we reach out in the coming decades.

Look forward to these out-of-this-world experiences in the exhibit:

  • Explore a future Lunar Base Camp including bunk beds and a kitchen!
  • Build a futuristic space rocket.
  • Create your own mission to Mars.
  • Ride a bike-powered centrifuge and experience the physiological challenges of space flight.
  • Hold a piece of the universe! Touch actual Moon meteorites and Mars rocks.
  • Get an up-close look at artifacts from the space program, and displays on the new spacecraft that can fly you to the Moon and beyond.
  • Meet today's explorers who are working to understand how to protect our planet.
  • Look far into the future of the universe exploration in a 360-degree theatre.
  • Experience the past, present, and future of space through these and dozens of other displays and interactives.  
  • Come explore "Space: A Journey to Our Future" and dare to dream!



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