Bill Gibbs Scholarship

Bill Gibbs

Three scholarships are available to graduating seniors of a Convair alumnus or seniors looking to enter an aerospace/engineering field of study. Each year, students from throughout San Diego are offered these scholarships to help ease the cost of their education.

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We'd like to share with you how these scholarships can change lives by showcasing one example here.

Amilio Aviles: Scholar and Inventor

A 1999 Bill Gibbs scholar, Amilio Aviles graduated in 2003 from MIT with an undergraduate degree in aerospace engineering. He took the summer of 2003 off without studies.

For one year he was employed as a technician at Sea Botix, an underwater robotics company.  He returned to Boston to teach graduate classes in engineering for 2 semesters. Upon his return to San Diego he attended graduate classes in aerospace engineering at UC San Diego.

Again in 2005 he took time off from studies and created a science lab where he taught science to third graders in their classroom; then he expanded his science lab to fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders.

Amilio spent many months in Guatemala perfecting a pedal-powered machine that creates alternative energy to power a corn grinder, water pumps, and laundry washing machine. The basis of Amilio’s inventions is bicycle parts.

He is currently employed by Applied Research Associates as a mechanical engineer of weapons.

Amilio has two goals—to complete a Master's Degree and develop alternative energy sources.

His four years of high school Spanish classes helped him communicate with Guatemalan natives and he is also thankful for the scholarships he received along the way because he graduated from college without debt. Amilio thanks Mr. Gibbs for his support through a Bill Gibbs scholarship 12 years ago.

Amilio Aviles
Applied Research Associates
San Diego, California
1999 Bill Gibbs scholar

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