SPACE Opening February 1st

SDASM presents Space: A Journey to Our Future, opening February 1, 2011. Produced by Evergreen Exhibitions and presented in collaboration with NASA, this dynamic, multimedia exhibit looks back into the history of aeronautics and examines the many unknown questions of existence posed by future space exploration.

In December 1972, Apollo 17 took what became one of the most widely publicized and famous images of the twentieth century. The iconic view of Earth as a "Blue Marble" floating in space revolutionized public perception of our fragile planet during the rising environmental consciousness of the early 1970s, highlighting a sense of vulnerability and shared responsibility.

Nearly four decades later, our planet is still a very small and fragile part of a vast universe. We share its destiny and its limitless possibilities.

Look forward to these out-of-this-world experiences in the exhibit:

  • Explore a future Lunar Base Camp including bunk beds and a kitchen!
  • Build an Ares rocket.
  • Create your own mission to Mars.
  • Ride a bike-powered centrifuge and experience the physiological challenges of space flight.
  • Hold a piece of the universe! Touch actual Moon meteorites and Mars rocks.
  • Get an up-close look at artifacts from the space program.
  • Meet today's explorers who are working to understand how to protect our planet.
  • Look far into the future of the universe exploration in a 360-degree theatre.
  • Experience the past, present, and future of space through these and dozens of other displays and interactives.
  • Come explore Space: A Journey to our Future and dare to dream!
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