Spirit of '45 Movement

“Our World War II veterans are dying at the rate of one every ninety seconds,” explained Linda Laurie, local chairperson for the “Spirit of '45” program, “and so little is being done to honor them and to preserve their legacy.”   Thus was born the “Spirit of ’45” movement to do just that - and thankfully it is gaining momentum.  Recognition by Congress, in the form of a resolution proclaiming the weekend of  August 14th, 2010, a national observation of the end of the war and of recognition for the sacrifices made by the nation’s veterans, is the first step for the Spirit of ’45 organization in gaining annual status.

Local sports celebrity, former major league baseball player, and retired Padres announcer, Jerry Coleman, Warren Hegge (national director of the organization), Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, and a host of friends of the association were in the Museum on Sunday, October 17th for a photography session next to the Museum’s SBD Dauntless dive bomber. Coleman, who flew the Dauntless as a young Marine Corps pilot in World War II, will serve as Grand Marshall of the national Veteran’s Day parade in New York, taking a large group of volunteers and their message with him.

For more information, please visit www.Spiritof45.org

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