Special Halloween Movie

As a special Halloween treat, the Museum is offering a limited showing of Haunted Mine in the 3D/4D Zable Theater Friday through Sunday!

Haunted Mine
Hang on to your ten gallon hats as you plunge headfirst into an old, dilapidated gold mine that just happens to be haunted... Inside this hotbed of mystery and suspense, you’ll come face to face with the mine’s ghostly prospector who will warn you not to venture any further, but your insatiable appetite for adventure will overpower all reason.

Now only some quick thinking and a little luck, can get you out alive...

The movie is included with general admission to the Museum. For more information on the Zable Theater and other 3D/4D films at the Museum, please click here.


Watch the Trailer

Upcoming Family Days

Special Halloween Family Day - Alien Kites

On Saturday, October 30th, join the Museum’s Education Department for an Alien Halloween Extravaganza. In honor of our current special exhibition, The Science of...Aliens, we will be making alien-themed kites that are flown using kid-power. Be sure to stick around until 1:45 pm to see if our alien-pumpkin can survive a drop from the Museum roof with its UFO parachute!

Kids 17 and under are FREE with a paid adult admission (limit four kids). Does not include special exhibitions.

Building sessions will be at 12:30 pm and 2:30 pm and last 45 minutes.

Below is last year’s attempt of a Charlie Brown Pumpkin attached to a da Vinci-style parachute:

November Family Day - Puff Gliders

Join us on Saturday, November 13th, for the last Family Day of the year as we build Puff Gliders out of paper and straws. These simple gliders are easy and fun to make and customize. They take off using your own air power from your lungs.

Programs last 45 minutes and take place at 12:30 pm, 1:30 pm and 2:30 pm.

Family Days will return in January of 2011.

For future Family Days, please check the Family Day page frequently and sign up for our the Education Department's E-blasts.

New Special Exhibition Opening February

SDASM presents Space: A Journey to Our Future, opening February 1, 2011. Produced by Evergreen Exhibitions and presented in collaboration with NASA, this dynamic, multimedia exhibit looks back into the history of aeronautics and examines the many unknown questions of existence posed by future space exploration.

In December 1972, Apollo 17 took what became one of the most widely publicized and famous images of the twentieth century. The iconic view of Earth as a "Blue Marble" floating in space revolutionized public perception of our fragile planet during the rising environmental consciousness of the early 1970s, highlighting a sense of vulnerability and shared responsibility.

Nearly four decades later, our planet is still a very small and fragile part of a vast universe. We share its destiny, and its limitless possibilities.

Look forward to these out-of-this-world experiences in the exhibit:

New Museum Books

Pacific Southwest Airlines
by Alan Renga and Mark E. Mentges

The Museum is proud to announce a new book, Pacific Southwest Airlines, through Arcadia Publishing.  This book contains photos from the Museum’s Archives and was written by Library Associate Archivist Alan Renga and Library Volunteer Mark Mentges. The book features unique photos, many of them never seen before, highlighting the history of this historic airline. With its low fares and friendly service, Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) was one of the most successful regional airlines in American history. Its distinctive orange, red, and white planes, complete with a beaming smile were immediately recognizable to those living on the West Coast. The airline was also known for employing beautiful and sociable flight attendants. Kenny Friedkin, the founder of PSA , started in 1949 with one leased DC -3 airplane and expanded his fleet to serve millions of passengers each year. Although PSA is no longer in operation, its successful business model of low-priced, efficient service was copied by other airlines and today is considered the norm. In addition, former PSA employees still gather annually to relive the camaraderie they experienced as being a part of one of the most unique airlines of all time.

Pacific Southwest Airlines can be purchased at most San Diego book stores or by using the following link: http://www.sandiegoairandspace.org/research/publications.php

Just Plane Delicious

Enjoy first class fare from the San Diego Air & Space Museum. Soar to new heights with hundreds of delectably delicious dishes contributed by the Museum’s staff, volunteers, and friends. Celebrate the history of aviation through photos from the Museum’s extensive image archives. From the pioneering days of Glenn Curtis and naval aviation at North Island, the building of Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of Saint Louis by Ryan Airways, the journey to space with Convair’s Atlas rocket, to the present-day Predator and Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicles, San Diego has become known as the “Air Capital of the West.” The San Diego Air & Space Museum has been the keeper of this rich heritage for nearly 50 years. Through preservation of significant artifacts, presentation of dynamic exhibits, and extensive resources of its Library & Archives, the Museum commemorates the men and women who forged aerospace history. This cookbook will help us continue those daring and important achievements. Just in time for the holidays (the first arrive December 14), and priced at only $20 Just Plane Delicious makes a wonderful gift. Order your copy today by contacting nchase@sdasm.org

New Online Exhibits

We are pleased to announce the launching of two online exhibits!  The first highlights the notable men and women who have been inducted into the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s International Air & Space Hall of Fame.

To visit the Hall of Fame online exhibit, click here.

The second online exhibit highlights one of the most important American aviation companies, which also had a vital role in the growth of San Diego, Consolidated Aircraft (later known as Convair and then General Dynamics).

To visit the Consolidated Aircraft online exhibit, click here.

The Library & Archives will be adding more exciting online exhibits in the near future, so keep an eye out for them at the online exhibits page.

To visit the online exhibit page, click here.

Education Programs for 2010-11

It is a tough year for education. Budgets are tight.  We’ve been thinking of ways we can help you, your family and your community.

We’ve reorganized our programs to better align with state standards. We provide test-related subject matter to make content come alive using real objects and experiences, maximizing students’ time.

We’ve expanded our special offerings to the schools most in need, offering some free opportunities both inside and outside the museum. We’re partnering more than ever on scholarships. We are also expanding our extracurricular programs such as competitions and family days, so that students can have extra educational (and fun!) opportunities with their families.

Most of all – we are flexible. If you’ll like us to adapt a program or come up with something new for you, please get in touch.

Here is the link to our current education programs. We are trying to reach as many teachers as possible with this new information, and if you can help us do that, you’ll be providing invaluable support to the Museum.

To download the  2010-2011 Educator Guide (PDF), click here.

We’ve been part of San Diego’s educational community for over three decades, and we look forward to continuing to partner with our community.

Green Skills For Life Competition 2010 Winners

For the past three years the Museum and Ford Motor Company Fund have hosted the Green Skills for Life Competition. For the competition, we asked San Diego County students: What is one change or action you think you and others could do in your everyday lives in order to make the world a greener place?

This year we decided to mix things up and allow students to submit their answers as either artwork or short videos. We received hundreds of wonderful entries which made it especially challenging for our judges to pick only four winning entries. Below are this year’s four Green Skills for Life winning entries (2 pieces of art and 2 videos):


Sebastian Razo - Age 7 - Oceanside



Tori Parker - Age 15 - El Cajon


Timothy Daly – Age 12 – San Diego

Adam Hersko-RonaTas – Age 15 – San Diego

You can watch all of the video entries on YouTube by using the Green Skills for Life Competition 2010 playlist.

Also, make sure to watch the competition section of our website or sign up for our e-mail list for all the current information on our competitions.

Collections Update

Curtiss A-1 Triad

The Museum’s Curtiss A-1 Triad has been lowered from the rotunda ceiling and transported to our restoration facility at Gillespie Field in El Cajon. Our dedicated volunteers will now closely examine the plane to determine its airworthiness. If the aircraft proves flyable, it will be prepped to take part in the Centennial of Naval Aviation celebration in February of 2011 at North Island where it will be flown from the waters of San Diego Bay just as it was 100 years ago when Glen Curtiss and Eugene Ely first demonstrated the aircraft to the Navy.

In May of 1911, the Navy ordered two examples of the Triad and Curtiss would personally train the first Naval Aviator, T. G. Ellyson, in the art of flying the machine at his aviation camp on what is now North Island.

Nieuport 11

After a two year renovation, the Museum’s Nieuport 11 reproduction is at last ready to return to Balboa Park and hang in our World War I gallery. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the Gillespie Field Annex restoration volunteers who completely stripped the fuselage, installed new cover material, and then refurbished and repainted the entire aircraft. Exhibit department paint specialist, Mark Weixeldorfer, put the finishing touches on this very popular aircraft in preparation for her homecoming during the first week of November.

Spirit of '45 Movement

“Our World War II veterans are dying at the rate of one every ninety seconds,” explained Linda Laurie, local chairperson for the “Spirit of '45” program, “and so little is being done to honor them and to preserve their legacy.”   Thus was born the “Spirit of ’45” movement to do just that - and thankfully it is gaining momentum.  Recognition by Congress, in the form of a resolution proclaiming the weekend of  August 14th, 2010, a national observation of the end of the war and of recognition for the sacrifices made by the nation’s veterans, is the first step for the Spirit of ’45 organization in gaining annual status.

Local sports celebrity, former major league baseball player, and retired Padres announcer, Jerry Coleman, Warren Hegge (national director of the organization), Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, and a host of friends of the association were in the Museum on Sunday, October 17th for a photography session next to the Museum’s SBD Dauntless dive bomber. Coleman, who flew the Dauntless as a young Marine Corps pilot in World War II, will serve as Grand Marshall of the national Veteran’s Day parade in New York, taking a large group of volunteers and their message with him.

For more information, please visit www.Spiritof45.org