3D/4D Zable Theater Now Open

Visitors of the Museum can now enjoy our new 3D/4D Zable Theater, the first of its kind in Balboa Park!

The 3D/4D Zable Theater uses advanced 3D technologies but takes it to the next level of experience; employing interactive seats and unique special effects built into the theater itself. By creating a set of "4D" effects synchronized to the film production, the 3D/4D Zable Theater adds another layer of immersive and experiential fun for audiences of all ages. 4D theaters are a multi-sensory experience and are changing the way people enjoy movies.

The 3D/4D Zable Theater seats 36 guests per show, and they are played continuously each day. The Zable Theater is a special exhibition and included with regular admission. Funding for the Zable Theater was provided by the Walter J. Zable and Betty C. Zable Foundation, Cubic Corporation and the San Diego Air & Space Technology Center.

The current 3D/4D films showing:

Jetpack Adventure

Jetpack Adventures

Join Jett, a boy with a wild imagination, and his cat Jin as they snap into their self-made jetpacks and take off to make it in time for school. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you blast off in a hurry. Find the shortest way to class from high up in the sky! Careful! Don't get blown into pieces against those skyscrapers. Outflank those cars as you fly by on the highway. And when traffic gets too rough, try a nifty shortcut underground. Experience the thrills of this explosive adventure and above all, don't be late for school!

Fly Me To The Moon

Fly Me to the Moon

Get ready for a fully immersive space odyssey! Put yourself into the middle of the action for a thrilling ride to the moon! Team up with three teenaged flies and sneak on board the legendary Apollo 11 for a mind-blowing experience that fully engages your senses. Feel your heart pounding during countdown. Can you escape the smoke and fire that suddenly burst out on the launch pad? Grab on to your seat as the rocket boosters blast you off into space. If you make it through the atmosphere, try to relax... Enjoy an eye-popping view of Earth as you float among the twinkling stars. Soon you will find out how it really feels to set foot on the Moon. A sensational breathtaking experience like you've never sensed before.

Kid's Aviation Action Hangar Now Open

Kid's Aviation Action Hangar

The Museum opened a special play area for kids, the Kid's Aviation Action Hangar!

This special "kids only" area has an abundance of attractions for kids of all ages. Preschoolers can enjoy magnetic toys and aviation coloring books, a dry erase board where they are able to sketch out their favorite airplane and pedal planes to whisk them around our kid-size airport. Grade school age aviators will thrill at the "U-Fly-It" machine, a flight simulator experience in a real wind tunnel atmosphere and also enjoy a romp in our simulated moon's surface in a space suit. Two flight simulators put future pilots' skills to the test and all can enjoy creating and flying their own miniature parachutes. A large F-104 Starfighter cockpit mock-up, perfect for photo opportunities, will provide the ultimate take-home memory for all Museum visitors.

The Kid's Aviation Action Hangar is included with regular admission to the Museum.

Golf Tournament & Alien Luau

Join the San Diego Air & Space Museum and the San Diego International Airport as we celebrate our 27th Annual Charity Golf Tournament.

Tournament Day - Wednesday, August 11, 2010
At the Coronado Municipal Golf Course
Event Schedule

 Fee includes:

Your participation as a player and contributor will help us provide quality educational experiences to students in the San Diego region through scholarships, exhibits, classes and outreach.

Click here to Register for this event online.

Unable to play in the golf tournament? Not interested in golf?

Join us for our Alien Luau to Benefit the Kids! - Saturday August 14th

Spend a fun evening at the San Diego Air & Space Museum's Alien Luau. Explore our newest exhibition, The Science of...Aliens, bid on great silent and live auction items, enjoy delicious food and much more! All proceeds benefit the Museum's educational programs. Prizes will be awarded to the best "alien" costume. The evening is sure to be out of this world!

Click here to Register for this event online.

New Simulators Coming in August

The Museum is adding four F-35 simulators in mid-August. These exciting additions are some of the most advanced simulators on the market!

The four upcoming F-35 simulators will offer a level of realism in simulated flight beyond that which any of us is familiar. Previous flight simulators will seem archaic by comparison.

The new simulators will offer 200 degrees of immersive imagery, powered by the X-Plane software and created by three projectors, that adds enormous measure of reality to the simulator experience.

For even more realism, the F-35 simulators will feature a flat panel display depicting the flight instrumentation found in the actual aircraft. Right and left sub-panels with fighter plane style switches and levers adorn the fuselage interior. Visitors will perch upon authentic F-18 ejection seats (disarmed of course) for an even more realistic aircraft feel while flying the simulator.

In addition to solo free flight, up to four participants may play against each other in simulated air combat. The air combat is a strong feature of the program and dog-fighting contests will be a favorite option for many visitors.

The San Diego Air & Space Museum will be the only institution in southern California offering flight simulation with this level of sophistication.

Spots Available in Aerosummer Camps

The Museum offers a variety of half-day, week-long summer programs. These classes teach air and space history and science through hands-on activities such as designing and building model airplanes, launching model rockets, and flying simulators.

These fun and educational summer camp programs start on Monday July, 12th, and run through to the end August. There are still a few spaces available and Members receive a 20% discount on all camps.

For more information on summer camp programs and to begin the registration process, call 619.234.8291 ext 119 or click here.

Available Camps:

First Flight

Grades: 1-2
July 12-16, Balboa Park, 1:00-4:00
Time: Students make a timeline, build and launch paper rockets, and participate in other fun activities that introduce them to aviation and space flight.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Up, Up, and Away

Grades: 1-2
August 16-20, Balboa Park, 9:00-12:00
Time: Another fun option for our younger students! This program explores flight through making and flying balloons, kites, gliders, rockets, and more.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Silent Flight

Grades: 3-4
July 26-30, Balboa Park, 9:00-12:00
Time: Students try out different kite designs, build hot air balloons, and experiment with gliders as they investigate ways of traveling on the wind.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Flights of Fancy *Special One-Day Family Camp*

Grades: 4-Adult
July 31, North County, 9:00-1:00
Time: This fun one-day camp is now for kids AND adults! Don't just drop off your child - with this camp you get to join the fun. Spend Saturday together flying radio-controlled model aircraft and driving radio-controlled cars with members of the Palomar RC Flyers. Campers of all ages will also build and fly a rubber powered model airplane. Program cost includes tuition for 1 child and 1 adult, and includes lunch - a terrific value!
Cost: $30

Space Adventures

Grades: 5-6
July 20-24, Balboa Park, 9:00-12:00
Time: From the Chinese "fire arrows" to the International Space Station, students learn about the people and spacecraft that have made space exploration possible. They also apply space science by building and launching their own model rockets. Rocket launches subject to FAA approval.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)

Extreme Rocketry

Grades: 5-12
August 2-6, Balboa Park, 9:00-12:00
Time: An exciting advanced rocketry project for students who are familiar with rocketry or have experience in model building. Students construct individual rockets and work in teams to build a multi-stage rocket.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)
Notes: Rocket launches subject to FAA approval.

Wright Flyer to Right Now

Grades: 5-12
August 9-13, Balboa Park, 9:00-12:00
Time: Learn the history of aviation from da Vinci to space flight using our simulators! Students will engage in daily hands-on activities and end each day flying historical planes on our simulators. This is a great camp for the future pilot and a great way to learn history in a fun way.
Cost: $100 (Members $80)


For more information on summer camp programs and to begin the registration process, call 619.234.8291 ext 119 or click here.


Curtis P-40 Has Left the Building

Sadly, the Curtis P-40 has left the Museum. A few weeks ago, at the request of the P-40′s owner, FedEX, our crew prepared the fighter for its Pacific boat cruise to the Pacific Aviation Museum on Ford Island, Hawaii.

While it was sad to see the Flying Tiger leave, we do thank FedEX for allowing us to display and maintain the P-40 for over 20 years. On a brighter note, this move also presents us with the opportunity to display one of the many other planes in our collection (or maybe even a new one).

Below are some photos of the move preparations:


This newsletter article has been taken from the one the Museum's blog posts. For more up-to-date news about the Museum, including behind the scenes looks, read the Museum's blog by clicking here.

ASAA 24th International Aerospace Art Exhibition

Seventy paintings, selected from the finest aviation masters in the world, will hang side by side on the walls of the San Diego Air & Space Museum from June 8 to September 10, 2010.

Aerospace artists and aficionados from all over the globe will fly to San Diego for the festivities of the American Society of Aviation Artists’ (ASAA) 24th Annual International Aerospace Art Exhibition.

The art exhibition is included with regular admission to the Museum.

For more information on the ASAA, please click here.

The Science of...Aliens Developments

A few things have occurred in the scientific search for life outside of our solar system. In addition to Charles Bolden's opinion on the possibility of life, Astronaut Jim Newman spoke at the Museum during Space Day and gave his opinion as well. You can hear that below:

In other news, The New York Times wrote a piece on the search for a second form of life here on Earth, as explored in the Zone 2 of The Science of... Aliens, Alien Science. Click here to read.

Additionally, the Museum is continuously making exciting additions to the exhibition to make it more dynamic, educational, and fun.

For more information on The Science of... Aliens, click here.

Library's Film Digitization Project

The San Diego Air & Space Museum’s Library & Archives houses several thousand rare films documenting local, national and international aerospace history. The collection is one of the most unique collections in the world and includes several hundred 16mm films from local companies such as Ryan Aeronautical, Convair/General Dynamics and Pacific Southwest Airlines. In an effort to preserve the information for future generations, the Library & Archives plans to digitize the film. Once completed, it will be made available for the public to view on youtube.com. To begin the project, the Museum is raising $15,000 to purchase a scanning system and associated equipment.  This is a giant step in supporting the Museum’s mission by preserving and making available this valuable historic gem. To learn how you can help, please contact the Head Archivist, Katrina Pescador at 619-234-8291 x123.

Below is a 1935 California Pacific International Exposition promotional video created by Ford Motors, just one of the films from the Museum's collections:

75th Anniversary of Museum's Building

The Museum is pleased to announce the publication of Wheels to Wings: San Diego's Ford Building. This limited edition book, released in conjunction with the 75th anniversary celebration of the historic Ford Building, narrates the history of the last of five Ford Exposition structures built in the 1930s. Beginning with Henry Ford's interest in industrial exhibitions and ending with the building's contemporary status as home to the San Diego Air & Space Museum, the book features numerous detailed photos illustrating the history from its opening to the present. Wheels to Wings presents the fascinating history in a simple, well articulated manner that all can enjoy.

The San Diego Ford Building was built for the California Pacific International Exposition held in Balboa Park from 1935-1936. As a symbol of modernism, Henry Ford and his design team wanted the exhibit hall to stand out and be a testimony to technology and progress. On May 29, 1935, the dazzling white "Streamlined Moderne" Ford building greeted fair-goers with its unique, circular design. After the Fair closed in 1936, the building was used in a variety of roles such as a classroom, bomb shelter and storage facility. Once a highlight of Balboa Park, the Ford Building became a "White Elephant" slated for destruction. Saved from destruction by concerned citizens, the building today houses the San Diego Air & Space Museum.

For more information on the fascinating history of the Ford Building be sure to order Wheels to Wings and view the Museum's complimentary exhibitions both online and in the Museum!

Flight Path Grill

The Flight Path Grill, located on the Museum's Observation Deck (back patio), will be open daily from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm throughout the summer.

Members receive a 10% discount at the Grill. The Museum will soon be offering a discount on Foursquare check ins, so keep an eye out for news on that.

Flight Path Cafe Menu